Therapy Junction can be contacted on Facebook @therapyjunctionNE where you can drop me a message or request a booking.

Other contact methods are

Telephone 07832 258508. Please note that as I am currently open part time. I will not be able to answer the phone during normal working hours due to my ‘day job’ but I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 5pm to 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 5pm


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Back to the day job

Not much more I can say about that. Normal day job hours, I suppose the good thing is that I am in the office tomorrow and out on training Tuesday, back in office for 2 days then off Friday for a hospital appointment. No I am not looking forward to it.


I’ve been using facebook to market as it is free and the town I live in has a number of facebook groups to sell items and promote businesses. There are also a few for specific estates. So yesterday I posted yet another post extending my opening week offer and some … I am biting my … Continue reading Marketing


it’s feels like a long time coming, but at the weekend I completed my training in Hopi Ear Candling. I am now a Member of Guild of Holistic Therapists and have insurance in place. So Therapy Junction can now taking paying clients! I haven’t had any yet though there is plenty of time.

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