Hand, arm, leg and foot massage

I didn’t think this would be very relaxing to be honest, but then again I don’t relax easily. I was very wrong cos I fell asleep ! this despite my treatment being done as someone else was training, I could hear the trainer and the treatment wasn’t flowing as when you are trained.

This is a very flexible treatment, don’t like your feet touched ? Just let me know & I will work on other areas for longer, Have trouble with your legs feeling tight ? I’ll spend longer on your legs, just let me know how long you want your treatment for (30 minutes – 1 hour) and the areas to cover.

A complementary blend of reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques that reduce tension and offer tremendous health benefits.

This treatment helps to reduce stress whilst stimulating the body to cleanse itself of impurities and toxins. Furthermore it is soothing, refreshing and revitalises energy levels.

  • Focusing mainly on the hands using hand reflex techniques from Korean hand massage.
  • The legs and hips are loosened with stretches and hip rotations (if suitable for you)
  • Fanning massage movements with thumbs over the sole of the foot and toes.
  • Effleurage massage over the legs and feet, a lovely routine that can be used all together or individually.

Korean Hand Therapy

Korean Hand Therapy is practised in many eastern and oriental countries; gaining more popularity over the last 20 years. In Korean Hand Therapy the human body is mapped out on the hands, similar in concept to the reflexology map of the foot.

The numerous functions of the body can be stimulated by pressing on specific points on the hand. These can assist in reducing pain and assist with a host of health issues whilst balancing the body’s energy systems. There are 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupressure points in our hands which regulate the internal organs of the body.

It is an excellent therapy for those not wanting a full body massage. 

Therapy Junction

Therapy Junction can be found at The ZenDen, Briardale House, Briardale Road, Blyth NE24 5AN