Migraine Awareness Week

It’s Migraine Awareness week from 5th to 11th September 2021.   A week where I will share my personal story of my own migraines on my blog (check that out here).  And over on my social media channels I will be delving into various aspects of a migraine and why they differ from a headache.

I really want to highlight migraines, because I have become increasingly frustrated in recent months with the number of people who tell me they also get headaches, and ask me what triggers them, and the most frustrating comment is “you get those a lot don’t you” – I always want to respond with “really I hadn’t noticed.” (That’s the sarcastic side of me that comes out, esp when I’m in pain.)  But I do know all the comments and concerns come from a place of caring and they just don’t understand what I go through on a regular basis with migraines.

I am not here to give medical advice, I am here to give support to you, a fellow migraine warrior and for you to share my page and posts to your friends and family who just don’t quite understand what we go through.

By the end of the week, I am hoping we have created a support network for us warriors and have somewhere to share our frustrations, pain and migraine news with.

Check out my Facebook page and Instagram Page for daily updates from Sunday 5th September 2021.

If you have time, I have a questionnaire for you to complete, that will help me over the coming week (and beyond) to create more content to bring much more awareness. You can complete the questionnaire here