Natural Lift Facial Massage

As part of my training, I actually received this treatment and I can honestly say that this treatment is so much more than a facial massage.   So many areas of your face are treated with different methods, there is acupressure, massage and kneading involved. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t relax easily and that I am very skeptical about chakras and energies and all that malarky.  However, after my training partner offered me an energy ball as part of the treatment, I do actually believe I saw some form of energy and am convinced enough to look into this more.

Before going into what this treatment could do, lets just clarify what it isn’t.

It isn’t a beauty facial, there are no hot towels or cleansers, it will not open up and clear your pores.

But it is a facial massage with the intention of

  • Improving your complexion,
  • removing toxins from the face 
  • preventing and reducing facial lines and wrinkles,
  • strengthening and toning the muscles of your face,
  • reducing stress,
  • relieving insomnia, headaches and eye strain,
  • promoting physical and mental relaxation,
  • preventing sagging,
  • balancing the energy of your whole body promoting over all well being. 

All of this is done with massage techniques and acupressure points over approximately 45 minutes.

Is this suitable for me?

In the majority of cases yes. This does not mean I think you are wrinkly, far from it, the facial can prevent the ageing process as well as showing a ‘lift’ over a number of treatments and with maintenance, but any massage is a relaxing self care treatment and we all need a little bit of TLC.

Therapy Junction can be found at The ZenDen, Briardale House, Briardale Road, Blyth NE24 5AN